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I stumbled across some more free stuff relevant to the Origins issue that I want to pass along. Back in February, the Royal Society held a symposium on The Chemical Origins of Life and its Early Evolution. They have made the presentations available for free on their website:

Organised by Professor David Lilley FRS and Professor John Sutherland
How did life begin on the planet, and how did metabolic and genetic processes evolve at an early stage? Did this generate an RNA-based form of life, and how did this evolve into the present protein-based life? Researchers from a wide variety of disciplines will discuss possible mechanisms whereby biology emerged from chemistry, and subsequently evolved.


Speakers and Chairs include:

Professor Sidney Altman, Professor Donna Blackmond, Professor Friz Eckstein, Dr Adrian Ferré-D’Amaré, Dr Martin Hanczyc, Professor David Lilley FRS, Dr Robert Pascal, Professor Joseph Piccirilli, Dr Marina Rodnina, Dr Venki Ramakrishnan FRS, Professor Paul Schimmel, Professor Norm Sleep, Professor Scott Strobel, Professor Hiroaki Suga, Professor John Sutherland, Professor Jack Szostak, Professor Mike Yarus, Professor Ada Yonath.  

You can read the abstracts here (link to pdf) and download the presentations here. So if you’re looking to get a taste of the latest and greatest theorizing on the origins of life issue from a materialist/naturalistic persepctive, you probably can’t do much better than this. (H/T Denyse O’Leary).

I’ve been a bit lazy about my follow up on the Science and the Supernatural issue, but it’s on the way.

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Good Stuff for Free

I’m putting the finishing touches on the first installmentof my response to R P‘s assertion that creationism could never qualify as science (see last paragraph) due to its appeal to the supernatural. It’s taking a bit longer than I first thought it would. That, and I’ve been a bit lazy about it, but it’s almost done. In any case, I’ll be posting it within the next couple of days.

In the meantime, I’ve found some good free stuff I thought I’d pass along for anyone who’s interested. Apple’s iTunes U has two universtiy courses on evolution free for the downloading. The first, from Open Yale Coursesis Professor Stephen C. Sterns’ Evolution, Ecology and Behavior.


(EEB 122) This course presents the principles of evolution, ecology, and behavior for students beginning their study of biology and of the environment. It discusses major ideas and results in a manner accessible to all Yale College undergraduates. Recent advances have energized these fields with results that have implications well beyond their boundaries: ideas, mechanisms, and processes that should form part of the toolkit of all biologists and educated citizens. This course was recorded in Spring 2009.

The course is available in both video and audio formats. I’m on part 6 or 7 right now and I like it; Sterns is a good teacher. On some of the genetics stuff, he is referring to diagrams and charts he has on the board, so it probably helps to have the video, but otherwise the audio has been sufficient for me.

The second course is Biology Concepts: Cells to Evolution with Kelly Carrier courtesy of Michigan’s MI Learning.


These videos are introductions to the following biology concepts: Structure and Function of Cells, Reproduction of Cells, DNA, Proteins Synthesis, Ecology/Population Ecology and Evolution.

This one is available in video format only.


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